Let’s talk about inspiration: The chefs are ready to jam!

You never know when or where the inspiration comes. For a professional chef, there is no better way to get inspiration than to cook with some chefs, and if it is in a beautiful setting, much better.

A beautiful garden, chefs and friends having fun, and the best quality products: the results can only be excellent. A ‘chefs Jam’

In this case, Maria and Juan Nadal, the chefs of Es Brollador had the honor and satisfaction of cooking side by side with the Chef Rubén García, famous and renowned chef.

Rubén García is the Research and Development Director of ThinkFoodGroup, a company of the outstanding Chef José Andrés, responsible for the award-winning teams in Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and Puerto Rico.

As the right hand of José Andrés, García is the director of his culinary council, he is part of the DCGreens altruistic project in Washington DC and has been part of the “J by José Andrés” team at its recent opening in Mexico City. In addition, he is directly involved in the development of creative projects such as television programs, cookbooks, and other commitments.

For us, it was wonderful to share the evening with this great Chef during his visit to Esporles. Each chef brought his unique talent and vision to the kitchen, something new and exciting.
On this occasion, just for fun, we were cooking and enjoying in good company.

Imagination and culinary skill took the center stage. And as a result, we enjoyed a great source of inspiration and, of course, a fun night in good company, a passion for cooking and a lot of creativity.